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Our family of four would love to add a baby girl to our Utah adventure life.

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We are Jason and Jackie, hopeful adoptive parents living in Salt Lake City, Utah. Thank you for visiting our profile and taking a moment to get to know us. Whatever brought you here, if your world has been turned upside down by an unexpected pregnancy, we wish the best for you and your baby. If you are struggling at this time, we send you support and encouragement in your decisions.

Our family of four hopes to welcome a baby girl to our life. If you choose us as your adoptive family, we promise to love your child deeply, to provide security and education, and to support her interests in order to build a successful future.

Parenting has been the most rewarding and challenging experience for us. We love raising our two biological sons, nicknamed Buddy and Peach, who are 8 and 4 years old. But we've always envisioned a family with three children, and adoption has been part of our conversation since we first met a decade ago.

After giving birth to Peach in 2015, Jackie became ill with a life-threatening infection and was lucky to recover without serious injury. We took her illness as a sign that adoption should be in our future. Fast-forward three years and we are ready to open our family to another child through adoption. Given the dynamic with our two boys, we hope to adopt a baby girl because we believe it would bring some helpful balance to our family. We also are interested in open adoption if you are willing, knowing that children thrive when more people know, love and support them.

We have completed our home study, and are pursuing independent adoption with a Utah-based lawyer and social worker, but we are ready and able to adopt from any state. We would gladly work with an adoption agency if you are connected to one.

If you would like to learn more about us, please read on, or contact us directly via e-mail or phone. In the meantime, we wish you well on your journey as you make decisions for yourself and your child's future.


Jackie and Jason

Call or text: 801-613-0522

E-mail: jackieandjasonfamily@gmail.com


About Jackie


Jackie is a part-time family doctor and a full-time mom. She loves both of her jobs and the way mothering and doctoring overlap. She uses her medical knowledge to help family and friends, and then she uses her parenting experience to guide her patients in their own parenting journeys. She is passionate about delivering babies and has felt more connected with mothers ever since becoming a mother herself.

During her time off, Jackie is fully involved in activities and fun with our kids. She loves volunteering at Peach’s preschool and helping Buddy with school assignments. She has several craft projects going at once and makes a great effort to hand-repair holes in our clothes. She has fun cooking new recipes, even though picky eaters are not that into them. She loves to read and sing to the kids, especially at bedtime.

Jackie is loving, affectionate, creative, and enjoys laughter. She's goofy and slightly disorganized, which makes her laid back and approachable. Most importantly, Jackie can do the most amazing monkey impersonation, a talent that wins the hearts of all children.


About Jason


Jason loves being a dad and working to keep his family secure and comfortable.  

Being outdoors is a big part of Jason’s life. He grew up camping, biking, hiking, and boating with his family, and enjoys sharing these activities and skills—like how to tie useful knots—with our kids. Learning and education were also important aspects of his childhood, setting him on a course to graduate from Harvard University. Jason also loves writing (he wrote a book about camping a few years ago), so he encourages our kids to create and tell stories along with lots of detailed drawings. When he’s not planning our family’s next Utah adventure, he stays busy fixing things around the house.

During the day Jason works for a nonprofit law firm that helps people who get in trouble with the law. He is not a lawyer, but instead does the writing and public speaking for the firm. Jason’s job introduces him to many people from different walks of life and lets him share these experiences with his family. Jason is very active in our local community, where he works with city leaders to make people’s lives better. He’s the person that people call when they have a problem that needs to be fixed, and he does his best to help them.

Our Kids


Our goal is to keep the identities of our kids private, so we use their nicknames here. We would do the same with any child that we bring into our family.

Buddy and Peach may look similar, but they could not be more different. At just under 4.5 years apart, they have a loving friendship, but an age-gap that fosters their independence. As brothers, they adore each other one minute and then are wrestling in the next.

At 8 years old, Buddy is starting third grade this fall. He is outgoing, sensitive, helpful, and fiercely loyal. Buddy has a remarkable attachment to babies and toddlers. During any gathering of family or friends, we will find him holding the baby or entertaining the younger children. He is thrilled about the idea of adopting a sibling. Buddy loves anything mechanical that he can either build or take apart. He is also artistic and can spend hours drawing. He enjoys swimming, skiing, and playing the piano. He is thriving at school, loving math and spending time with his friends.

Peach will turn 4 this summer and will start his second year of preschool at a neighborhood church. He is shy in public but then he's enthusiastic and talkative at home. He is curious about infants and small children, showing them moments of sweet kindness. Peach loves airplanes and cars, sometimes building and rebuilding the same Legos into multiple vehicles in a single day. He enjoys attending gymnastics class with his best friend. He loves being outside and recently said his favorite sports are swimming, skiing, and riding his bike.


Home Life


Our Dogs

We are a dog family! We adopted our first dog, Nellie, in 2009. She has a history of being wild and enthusiastic, but she has slowed down due to her old age and recent blindness. In order to give her a “seeing-eye dog,” we adopted Chaco at the end of 2018. Chaco is calm and loving and surprises us every day with his gentle personality. His one challenge is a taste for eating toys, particularly Legos. Our boys have learned that they need to pick up their toys! With two dogs and several kids, our home can be chaotic and fun, which is exactly how we like it to be.

Family Time

We really enjoy spending time together. Here is what we do…

  • Eat all of our meals together, even on busy week days

  • Walk in the neighborhood with the dogs

  • Play with toys, Legos, and board games

  • Work on school projects

  • Go biking, hiking, skiing, or swimming

  • Play the piano and listen to music

  • Work on wood projects, house repairs, and yard work

  • Watch movies

  • Create craft projects like sewing, knitting, art

  • Read books out-loud or quietly together

  • Build model rockets and launch them in the Utah desert

  • Go to the library, botanical garden, or aquarium

  • Look at the night stars with a telescope

  • Enjoy city festivals and parades

  • Just hang out!



Our House

We live in a comfortable Salt Lake City home that was remodeled right before we bought it in 2015. Over time Jason has added many improvements to make our life better. It has a big front porch with the best seat in the house – a bright orange double glider chair that invites friends to visit and stay awhile.

Our kitchen, dining room, and living room are one connected room in which we spend most of our time — playing, cooking, eating, and working. At the center of our living room, we have an old upright piano that Jason gave to Jackie on her 30th birthday and that the kids now love to play. Next to it is a couch where we sit together to read books. We have three bedrooms on the main floor, and our sons are excited to share a room with new bunk beds to make room for a baby sister.

In the basement we have a guest bedroom for grandparents and visiting friends, plus a small family room that includes our television. While we love watching movies and favorite shows, we try to limit our time in front of a screen and prefer to spend our time doing other things. Last summer we built a backyard deck (see photo) that now has become an extension of our living space. We enjoy eating meals out there, especially on the weekends. We have plans to develop a play house space below the deck this summer. Our front and back yards are grassy and constantly change as we add trees and new plants each spring.

Our Neighborhood

When we moved to Salt Lake City eight years ago we were excited to buy a home in a neighborhood close to downtown that has curving streets flanked by leafy trees. We live in the city, but it feels like we live in the suburbs. Over the last few years, several close friends have moved to nearby streets, making our neighborhood the center of our social world. We often meet friends for picnics or bike rides at local parks, or visit each other at our homes. A new trail was built nearby (see photo) where our children have learned how to ride their bikes.

From our house we can walk to the grocery store, restaurants and an ice cream shop. Downtown Salt Lake City, with its libraries, parades, and even more parks, is a three mile drive or bike ride away. Snow-capped mountains are really close to Salt Lake City, and our family can be hiking on a trail within ten minutes of leaving our front door. Salt Lake is also very child-friendly, with many exciting museums, gardens, and libraries where we maintain memberships. We especially love the dinosaur fossils at the nearby Natural History Museum of Utah.



A Typical Day

Walk through our front door on a typical Saturday morning and you'll see Buddy's drawings spread all over the kitchen table, Peach playing on the floor with his latest Lego creation, Jason at the stove flipping pancakes, and Jackie in her pajamas finishing a blanket that she's been crocheting for years. Meanwhile, our two lovable and kid-friendly dogs will be lounging on the kitchen floor or on the deck outside. Friends from down the street might stop in for a visit and then we all head out into our city neighborhood for a walk or bike ride. At some point Jason might make a phone call about one of the community groups he organizes, or check the camping gear in the garage, while Jackie might run to the hospital to deliver a baby. In the meantime, we keep the kids busy by building blanket forts or searching for treasures in the backyard. Then we all meet up again to swim at the recreation center where we are members, or ski in the Utah mountains that are 30 minutes from our house. Dinner is usually cooked at home, though we sometimes walk to a nearby pizza place. Finally, after reading bedtime stories to our kids, the two of us sit down to talk, laugh, and reconnect about the day. Then we fall asleep and do it all over again the next day. 

Our Values

  • Loving and supporting each other in our marriage (11 years!)

  • Spending quality time with those we love

  • Being present in the moment

  • Creating a memorable and special childhood for our kids

  • Being spiritual, combining our many religious backgrounds (Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, Unitarian)

  • Pursuing education and learning

  • Working well at jobs we love

  • Living comfortably… but without excess

  • Creating beautiful and useful things with our hands

  • Getting out into nature often

  • Exercising, cooking and eating well

  • Visiting and talking to our family and friends who live far away

  • Playing and enjoying music

  • Helping the environment with solar panels and rain collection barrels at our house

  • Embracing diversity

  • Volunteering in our community

  • Growing a vegetable garden

  • Teaching our kids by example





Both sets of our parents are healthy and very involved in our lives. Jason's parents live in New Jersey, and Jackie's parents split their time between Ohio and Florida. Even though they live far away, we are always looking to plan the next visit in Utah or elsewhere. We talk on the phone or video chat with them often. They all love being grandparents to our boys and each think of creative ways to play with them.

Jason's parents (pictured here) love to bring their dog on visits to our home. His dad does science experiments and builds rockets with the kids. His mom is a former elementary school teacher and she always has lessons to share with the boys. Jackie's mom organizes a yearly scavenger hunt in her backyard, and her dad shares his love of cars, boats and planes with his grand-kids.

Our parents are very supportive of our decision to adopt and they are excited to welcome one more grandchild into the family.


Jason and Jackie each have an older brother who have families with a total of five cousins ages 4 to 16, living in central California and Seattle. When these cousins get together, which happens several times each year, the house is full of excited voices, Lego inventions, and constant activity. Keeping close to family is important to Jason and Jackie. Many of our vacations are designed to visit family where they live, or meeting up in exciting new locations like Disneyland or a national park.




When we moved to Utah in 2011, we only knew a few people in the Salt Lake City area. Without family in the state, we had to build our own local support network. Over the years, our friends here have become like family. Several friends have bought homes in our neighborhood, living within walking distance of our door. We all lean on each other in both good and bad times. We celebrate birthdays and holidays together. We go hiking, camping, or skiing with friends and other families. And when times are tough, we support each other. Jason helped a friend when her basement was flooding in the middle of the night, while Jackie offers medical advice whenever needed. When Jackie was sick in 2015, our friends brought dinner to our house every week for a few months. We also help each other out with childcare. We have a supportive Salt Lake City community that we know we can count on.



We love the many exciting activities that Utah offers our family throughout the year. With 300 days of sunshine a year, Salt Lake City is the perfect home-base for adventure.

During the summer, we spend weekends camping in the mountains, or driving to visit one of Utah’s five national parks. In winter we spend afternoons skiing in the nearby mountains, or sledding with friends on the snow-covered hills in the city.

Other days we head out on a family bike ride to get dinner and ice cream, or see our friends as we take the dogs for a walk through our neighborhood.


Photos of Our Life


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